I have 6+ years of experience using Git, Linux, maintaining and configuring Linux servers, as well as managing large communities on social media, along with 5+ years of part-time programming in various languages, with over 2500 hours combined experience in using Kotlin + Java, Go, Vue, Bash and several other languages.

I like to challenge myself with projects, and I enjoy constantly learning about and embracing emerging technology. I find thinking outside the box to troubleshoot issues gratifying, as well as being proficient in troubleshooting code effectively and efficiently.

I consider a good working environment to be one with a relaxed and productive atmosphere, with open and honest communication, as well as one where you can find passionate and motivated coworkers.

I have managed and collaborated with large teams of people, as well as successfully organizing and running large projects, such as KAMI Blue, where I achieved the following:

I have also worked on projects independently over the course of 2020-2022, learning several frameworks for each to create useful and functional programs, such as:

In addition to having experience with several programming languages, I have also used a wide variety of database frameworks (SQL, Postgres, Redis, RedisJSON, etc), and have worked with containerization systems such as Docker and Kubernetes. I also have experience using a wide variety build systems, packaging frameworks, release platforms, and network frameworks.